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2017-18 Model Employee Handbook

2017-18 Model Employee Handbook
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It has been determined that at this time there are no changes required to the package for the 2018-19 school year.

How many times have you or your employees turned to the district's Employee Handbook hoping to find guidance on a particular issue and found nothing, or insufficient text to address your situation? Unfortunately, this happens far too often, and strengthening the handbook for next year does little to help you in the interim. What you need is someone to anticipate the holes in your Handbook prior to publication. Our daily contact with hundreds of clients allows us to do just that. Our Model Employee Handbook was designed with one purpose in mind - to help you do your job with fewer challenges, questions, or confusion from employees.

Our Models are written in a conversational tone to be user friendly and are designed for districts to personalize and tailor. For example, we highlight the parts that require you to make some decisions, show you what can be changed, suggest language for what may be added, and place the directions for personalizing these portions in an instruction box.

Special Features of our Model Employee Handbook include:

  • Organized by topics to make it easier for employees to understand how different rules and policies relate to each other
  • Expanded table of contents
  • Appendix of commonly used forms
  • Sections on importance of regular, on-time attendance, vacation, appropriate use of conference periods,staff development, outside employment, rules for district credit cards, necessity of following district curriculum grading guidelines, using films/movies in class
  • Includes specific information to employees about inappropriate social relationships with students.
  • Up-to-date with 2017 legislative changes.

NoteAny updates from the special session will be sent to purchasers at the conclusion this summer.

The CD-ROM is available for $100 to districts that have purchased our 2015-16 version or newer.

Available Formats: MS Word Document,CD-ROM