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Harassment and Discrimination

Harassment and Discrimination
Stand alone DVD - Train your entire staff with just one click Details

The first stand alone harassment training specifically made for school districts is now available. This 20-minute DVD provides all the legal points your staff must know in one sitting. Place the files on your district's server and allow staff to access the lesson individually or play the DVD in a group setting. The options are endless.

Court decisions tie employee and district liability directly to whether or not the district has acted reasonably in response to known acts of harassment. A great way to demonstrate "reasonable care" is by showing that you have held trainings. That is why we created complete harassment training packages, specially designed for school district administrators, so district can select the method of delivery that best fits their needs.

The cost of the Harassment and Discrimination Stand Alone DVD is $500. Licenses are available for two year terms.

Available Formats: DVD