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2019-20 Model Student Code of Conduct, Extracurricular Code of Conduct and Handbook

2019-20 Model Student Code of Conduct, Extracurricular Code of Conduct and Handbook
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No single district can possibly think of every situation that can develop into a student discipline problem or parental concern. Nor can we, but our daily contact with clients brings us extremely close. Our legal staff spent over 150 hours researching and writing these Models and including new legislation so you could do your job with fewer challenges, questions, or confusion from parents.

Our Models are written in a conversational tone to be user friendly and are designed for districts to personalize and tailor. For example, we highlight the parts that require you to make some decisions, show you what can be changed, suggest language for what may be added, and place the directions for personalizing these portions in an instruction box.

Special Features of our Model Student Code of Conduct include:

  • List of prohibited behaviors includes not only recurring problems, but also unlikely situations that only one district may have encountered
  • Organized in logical sequence so parents and students can easily see the relationship between conduct rules and disciplinary consequences
  • Addresses all the procedures, steps, and timelines for DAEP removal and expulsion, all necessary definitions from the Penal Code, other useful definitions such as "possession," "use," and "under the influence", serious offenses and persistent misbehavior
  • A streamlined appeal process that permits written appeals only, unless the administrator or board, after reviewing the record, wishes to offer a personal audience and face-to-face conference

Special Features of our Model Extracurricular Code of Conduct include:

  • Provides a thorough and comprehensive definition of the term "extracurricular activity"
  • Sections include jurisdiction, prohibited conduct, and disciplinary actions that coordinate with one another into one easy to understand document
  • Highlighted areas that require input specific to a district enable the Code to meet the unique needs of the community and district

Features of our Model Student Handbook include:

  • Organized by topics to make it easier for parents and students to understand how different rules and policies relate to each other
  • Expanded table of contents
  • Sections on picking up children at school, attendance and credit for course work, student searches, extracurricular activities, class ranking and selection of valedictorian and salutatorian, graduation issues, parent visits to school and expected conduct, and no district liability for injuries or property loss or damage at school
  • Contains all required legal notices for state and federal laws

If your district has never purchased this package or if your copy is the 2016-17 version or older, please order the full version.

If your district has the 2017-18 version or newer, the update is reduced. Order your updated version by selecting – 2019-20 Model Student Code of Conduct, Extracurricular Code of Conduct, and Handbook - UPDATE

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