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Construction Boot Camp

If you are in the midst of a construction project or just about to begin one, this session is essential. This full day training will cover Construction Basics and Construction Documentation.

Construction Basics

If your district wants to build then you need to start out with the right foundation. We will help you build that foundation beginning with the board's initial decision to procure construction through the signing of the construction contracts. In this training we will discuss the rules that govern construction procurement, the differences between the available methods of delivery, and take you step by step through the procurement process.

Getting What You Paid For: Building a Better School with Construction Documentation

Do you know what your construction contracts have to say about construction documentation? Are you aware of the steps you need to take in order to protect your right to get the project you bargained for? How do you enforce your warranties? This training is to provide you with the information and skills you need in order to improve your chances for construction success and to remedy aspects of your project that have already gone wrong. We will show you how to create effective and clear documentation concerning your construction project and how to preserve your district's rights to recover if a contractor or architect damages your property or fails to perform their obligations under the contracts. We will help make timely, accurate, and thorough construction documentation your keys to construction success.

This seminar is appropriate for Board Members, Superintendents, Business Managers, and others on your district's construction team.

This training will be conducted by David P. Hansen.

This seminar is not currently scheduled. Contact us about scheduling this seminar for your staff.