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Getting What You Paid For: A Guide to Fixing Construction Problems and Enforcing Warranties

Purpose: Are you in the middle of a construction project and having doubts as to whether you're getting what you paid for, then there is a pretty good chance you're not. We will provide you with in depth training on how to preserve your district's rights to recover if a contractor or architect damages your property, and we will show you what to do if one of your contractors walks off the job or refuses to finish their work. Additionally, if the work is already completed participants will learn how to secure performance under the warranties your district has received.


  • Documentation and record keeping
  • Filing a "claim" under your contract documents
  • Filing bond claims
  • Testing and hiring experts to assess problems
  • Enforcing warranties
  • Litigation and other options for dispute resolution

Audience: Board Members, Superintendents, Business Managers, and others on your district's construction team

This seminar is not currently scheduled. Contact us about scheduling this seminar for your staff.