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30-Minute PIA Essentials Webinar Series

Whether you’re a veteran public information officer or a newly-hired superintendent, the Public Information Act can be a costly maze of rules, regulations, and procedures. Our 30-Minute PIA Essentials series of webinars are designed to help you navigate the labyrinth, by tackling some of the most common and complicated open records scenarios in convenient, bite-sized trainings.

All webinar sessions will be presented by Matthew M. Coleman.

PIA Essentials Checklist: From Start to Finish

For PIA beginners and experienced hands alike, this 30-minute essentials webinar takes you through the process and procedures of the Public Information Act start to finish. We’ll discuss what you should do even before you get a request, then run through the Act step-by-step while looking at real world examples of requests you might receive. Attendees will also learn where recent legislative changes have affected their administrative roles and responsibilities, and will get practical advice for tackling even the most difficult requests--and difficult requestors.

PIA Confidential

Although the Public Information Act starts with a presumption that all documents are public records, sometimes the law requires you to keep certain information confidential. In this 30-minute essentials webinar we will look through the most common types of documents and information that are confidential by law, including student records, medical records, certain employee records, and more, with real-world examples of the documents and requests you might come across. We’ll discuss when this information can be redacted and withheld without an Attorney General opinion, and when you must ask the Attorney General for permission even though it must be withheld. Finally, we’ll discuss the penalties – both civil and criminal – for releasing confidential information.

Purchasing Publicly with the PIA

Perhaps perfect procurement may not be possible, but purchasing publicly with the PIA prevents a plethora of potential perplexing problems. In this 30-minute essentials webinar, we’ll learn how the PIA applies to the documents you handle every day in your procurement with an eye toward legal compliance and peace of mind. What happens if those documents are requested before we’ve signed a contract? Are bidders allowed to mark their bids and proposals as “confidential” or “proprietary” and what happens if those items are requested under the PIA? We’ll walk through a sample procurement, detailing when and how the documents get released, when you might want to withhold them, and the procedures you must follow to comply with the PIA. This webinar will also discuss recent legislative changes that affect contracts worth a million dollars or more.

All sessions are recorded. Registered attendees will receive links to the recordings after each session. 

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