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Boys Will Be Boys: Finding the Line for Gender Stereotypes and their Violation of Title IX

In this anything-but-typical panel we will discuss the developing law of gender stereotyping in Title IX and the legal pitfalls that districts can face when over-categorizing individuals. Beginning with landmark US Supreme Court decisions which set the foundation for how we treat gender stereotype discrimination to this day, we’ll explore how Title VII has influenced Title IX over the years and examine what is and is not considered discrimination using examples from recent cases. We’ll discuss how transgender students are being treated under the law of gender stereotypes, and how OCR’s back-and-forth with the courts on Title IX interpretation has put districts in the legal hotseat when deciding what they can—and should—do. Finally, we’ll conclude the panel by discussing the most recent disputes over gender stereotypes and district dress codes, and where we see the law going in the next decade.

This webinar will be presented by Matthew Coleman and Emma Darling.

Each participant will receive a link to the recording.

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