Disciplining Student Vaping
This webinar will discuss the current TASB guidance on vaping, what should be in your student code of conduct, DAEP placements, and ways districts can detect vapes via detectors and acceptable searches.
February 2023
The Fundamentals of Real Estate for Texas School Districts
A description and explanation of the general mechanics of a real estate transactions in Texas.
March 2023
Legal Issues for Cheerleaders and Drill Team
This information packed session will provide practical advice for handling situations often encountered by cheerleader and drill team sponsors.
February - March  2023
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Construction Essentials Webinar Series
Four-part webinar series that provides a perfect foundation to start a district's construction project.
February 2023

Our materials and forms are an essential part of our preventive law strategy. We design them to be affordable, practical, and easy to use. Below are sample titles of a few of our available materials. MANY OF OUR MATERIALS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD.

The Dallas Association of Young Lawyers has honored Adrianne with a spotlight article. She is absolutely “one to watch”!
Senior Associate, Adrianne Mandes was featured in a spotlight article by the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers.
Associate Emma Darling authors article on Breastfeeding in Schools
Emma Darling's article discusses the current requirements as well as what else might, should, and could be included in your district's policy.
Senior Associate Tyler Ezell authors article on Employee Grievances in TASPA's HR Connection Newsletter
Tyler Ezell provides information on navigating employee complaints under DGBA (LOCAL) with clear actions and timelines.
Title IX Athletics Compliance Audit
Title IX requires equal access to your athletics program and equal treatment once in the program. Don’t rely on your staff to study and understand the complexities of the federal statute. Allow our firm whose attorneys have assisted schools and colleges across the state provide you an analysis. Contact us at (800) 488-9045 for pricing.