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Aspirin for Your Copyright Headaches

Does copyright give you a headache? Copyright sounds so very boring until someone asks, "Can we put the top 10 songs of the year on the video yearbook?" or "Can we show a movie on a screen at the football stadium after the game?" or "Do we have to get a license for a DJ to play songs at a school dance?" Do you know the answers? Technology has long outpaced copyright law's ability to keep up, so in many instances one must apply old rules to new applications. But what rules apply where? Here are a few of the topics this comprehensive session will address:

  • Copyright rules on print, audiovisuals, and music
  • Copyright and the Internet, including digital content
  • Special rules that address specific subject areas, including special education and vocational subjects
  • Getting creative with technology while not crossing the line with copyright
  • Copyright and laws such as FERPA and the Open Records Act 
This seminar is not currently scheduled. Contact us about scheduling this seminar for your staff.